About Us

Bala Vikasa is engaged in community development over the past four decades in India, with multi-focused areas including, women empowerment, clean water, education, environment, agriculture and a broader model village development program. Over the years it was observed that standalone development of communities without sensitizing the businesses to address and minimize the societal issues may not achieve the ultimate objective of inclusive and sustainable development. There is a significant gap exists in businesses understanding of the societal issues, viz, a need with potential business opportunity or a social issue arisen out of business operations, in turn adversely affecting business in the long run. While this gap is recognized by many, yet ensuring a fine balance between both the parties and offering a suitable and sustainable solution is a challenge.

Being a close ally of communities and having an edge with businesses through diverse programs and channels, Bala Vikasa is presumably well positioned to take-up the challenge of this multi-dimensional issue. In turn, Bala Vikasa decided to transform this un-addressed challenge into an opportunity in the interest of all the stakeholders, through dedicated efforts, focused approach, and persistence.

As a result, Bala Vikasa International Centre (BVIC), an extended arm and a unique initiative of Bala Vikasa, is formed in 2014 and dedicated to address this gap and ensure inclusive and sustainable development. The two major focus areas of BVIC, namely, Social Entrepreneurship and Business Responsibility, inherently offer solutions to social and environmental issues through the business approach and/or businesses involvement. The broader objective is to engage with businesses to benefit the society, either directly or indirectly.

Focus areas & Future activities

BVIC is established with a purpose of providing integrated solutions to issues arising out of societal needs and business activities, or both together. The social entrepreneurship Incubation and Business Responsibility programs have already been launched, while many programs with the potential to serve the purpose of BVIC are in the pipeline. In the long run, BVIC’s vision is to gradually transform itself into an independent and self-sustainable center. The greater objective is to establish and accomplish ‘BVIC as a reputed Center of Excellence (COE)’ in Social Entrepreneurship and Business Responsibility in India.