Business Responsibility – Corporates

Business responsibility with corporates is an initiative with a different level intervention to promote responsible business practices in corporates. Corporates in general posses higher internal capacity and resources at their disposal to implement social development activity and programs. Most of them practice business responsibility in various forms terming them as Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Sustainability, Sustainability initiatives and so on.

BVIC promotes business responsibility in corporates, with both internal and external focus and also covering interested stakeholders. While CSR is now mandatory in India, the obligatory social spending alone would not be sufficient to ensure inclusive development. The business responsibility practices by corporates by addressing the concerns of all the stakeholders, including the responsible behaviour towards society and environment only has potential to create inclusive and sustainable businesses.

The sector is observing a trend of positive shift from profit maximization to ‘profit optimization’ in corporate businesses. The current corporate businesses are engaging in more specific, relevant and impact-oriented social programs.

BVIC with 40 years of experience in community development, practical approaches in combination with a highly qualified team of professionals in Sustainability, CSR, environment, energy, social development and finance, is positioning well to engage and support Business responsibility programs in corporates. We are also part of CII-CSR panel for Telangana Chapter, which deliberates and recommends socially impactful program for corporates in the region.

We engage with corporates in advising on their CSR programs, implementing social projects, building the capacity of their teams, organizing practical exposure visits, social due diligence/studies, impact assessments, sustainability and business responsibility reporting.