Business Responsibility

Business responsibility is at the core of our work at BVIC. Business and Responsibility are often seen as two dimensions of the same coin and if executed seamlessly, can act as a catalyst to build successful businesses.

We support businesses in integrating the responsibility into their core business. This integration into the core strategy and DNA of the business has proven to create a tremendous benefit to the businesses across the globe, while also ensuring the inclusive development.

For us, Business responsibility is not mere social development activities or funds, rather is the more inclusive concept of responsibility towards, society, environment, internal & external stakeholders and appropriate business conduct. While the traditional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is more external in nature, Business Responsibility is inclusive of internal and external elements of the business and is holistic in the lines of triple bottom line (TBL) and Sustainable development, while taking into consideration of business interests. In fact, it is often proved that these responsible practices have great potential to eliminate system inefficiencies and improve the business performance.

While the traditional CSR has its role to play, the business responsibility concept is more promising and sustainable, as it inherits the culture of responsibility within the business and once embedded, is permanent. We firmly believe, in order to achieve the SDGs, ensuring long-term inclusive and sustainable development, ‘Business Responsibility’ is the way to go.

BVIC works in the following areas of Business responsibility:

  •   Business Responsibility – Corporates
  •   Business Responsibility – SMEs
  •   Advisory Services
  •   Capacity building and Training