BVIC comes out with a report on SMEs Business Social Responsibility

An extensive survey was conducted on BSR practices in SMEs for a period of two months in nine industrial clusters covering about 90+ SMEs. In parallel, additional emphasis was given to document the perception of the neighboring community of the industries surveyed.

BVIC’s extensive study and experience with SMEs have been encapsulated in the form of a publication and the same is now ready in its complete form for formal release. The publication titled ‘SMEs & Business Social Responsibility: The New Era of Business’ will be available for public access at free of cost, post its official release. A seminar is being planned with eminent sector personalities, experts, like-minded institutes, corporates, academia and SME founders for the formal release of the publication and disseminate the study findings, which in turn, should initiate serious dialogue on Responsible business practices in the SME sector. Reputed institutes, industrial associations, academia and close to 100 SMEs have offered their support for successful completion of this publication.

The publication offers insights on the opportunities and challenges associated with BSR practices in SMEs. Also, the publication sheds light on global and local trends, multi-disciplinary nature of the concept, deployment of BSR as a shared value concept and as an attractive business case, inspiring case studies and BVIC proposed intervention & recommendations. The comprehensive document makes a serious effort in driving the BSR spirit among SMEs and promoting inclusive growth.