Contribution to dialogue on British Counsel’s Social Entrepreneurship and Women Empowerment initiative

British Council is carrying out a research on Social Enterprise and Women Empowerment in five countries – India, US, UK, Brazil and Pakistan, with the support of Social Impact Consulting and Overseas Development Institute, and IIT Madras as research partners. A roundtable session was conducted to deliberate on the research topic ‘Social Entrepreneurship and Women Empowerment’ at Hotel Plaza, Hyderabad on 16th March 2017.

The roundtable session was attended by prominent sector professional and representatives of the reputed organization of the sector. Mr. Vijay Kumar represented BVIC at the event, offering BVIC’s view on the topic and sharing experience from the ongoing incubation program with other speakers at the event. He was asked to moderate and lead a team of 5 session participants to deliberate and obtain common consensus on the given topics. The roundtable speakers appreciated the topic of research and suggested to undertake further concrete actions to promote the stronger role of women in social entrepreneurship domain.