Micro Entrepreneurship

Our micro-entrepreneurship program was implemented in rural areas of the states we work in. The program mainly focuses on the development and empowerment of women. The program was designed in such a way that women form small groups in villages or neighbourhood and manage their own finances. We facilitate the ecosystem, develop their capacity and co-operative culture that enable them to build and manage their own micro entrepreneur groups. A well-curated and practical set of guidelines and processes were developed for the effective and efficient functioning of these women groups in order to nurture them. We continue to build their capacities and offer our extended support to these groups till they mature and be on their own.

Some of the key features and statistics of our Micro entrepreneurship program are:

  •   Training modules on committees election, process management, functioning criteria & accountability
  •   Microenterprise loan (after a year of waiting period post joining in group) with a standard repayment period of 10 months
  •   A total of 1,50,000+ loans disbursed, ranging from 5000 – 50000 INR, with 95+% of recovery rate
  •   Over 50% success rate (total loans taken vs number of micro-entrepreneurs with sustained businesses) in developing sustainable micro entrepreneurs

Impact created :

Development of women micro-entrepreneurs has had a direct, indirect as well as multiplier effect in the rural communities, with the following clearly identified areas of the positive and long-term social impact:

  •   Financial independence of women
  •   Respect & inclusive decision making in communities
  •   Quality of living
  •   Children education & nutrition
  •   Better and empowered communities

Our Micro entrepreneurship program is run from our Warangal office and a dedicated team works tirelessly with the rural communities towards creating innovative interventions.