SMEs & Business Social Responsibility: The New Era of Business

BVIC’s extensive study and experience with SMEs have been encapsulated in the form of SRS4 publication. This publication offers insights on the opportunities and challenges associated with BSR practices in SMEs. Also, the publication sheds light on global and local trends, multi-disciplinary nature of the concept, deployment of BSR as a shared value concept and as an attractive business case, inspiring case studies and BVIC proposed intervention & recommendations. Reputed institutes, industrial associations, academia and close to 100 SMEs have extended their co-operation in completion of the mentioned study.

This publication aims at initiating serious dialogue on Responsible business practices in the SME sector. The comprehensive document makes a serious effort in driving the BSR spirit among SMEs and promoting inclusive growth.


Social Enterprise: The New Model for CSR

BVIC wishes to draw from its learnings’, both national and international experiences in promoting positive synergies between society and business, and how they can contribute to building social enterprises that create larger social impact through scalable and sustainable models. Through SRS 3 publication, we present such social enterprise models as new alternatives for corporate social/business responsibility in India.

SRS 1 and 2 are centered on the questions of business contribution to sustainable community-driven development, and a discussion on the synergy between civil society and business, whereas, SRS 3 focuses on the emerging hybrid model of ‘Social Enterprise’ and promote the idea of supporting social enterprises through corporate social responsibility initiatives, by delving deeper into the structures, partnerships and ecosystem.


Bala Vikasa: For a Synergy Between Civil Society and Business

The publication details the role of civil society organization (CSO) in CSR, the need to create impactful CSR programs, and how they are the foundation for achieving sustainable development. To better understand the synergy that potentially exists between Civil Society and the corporate world in matters of CSR, SRS 1 and SRS 2 have to be read in sequence.

Also, this document explains how UNGC & MDGs are driving CSR and the differentiating features that make CSR impactful. The publication further emphasizes on creating sustainable, meaningful and value-driven CSR programs for the stakeholders and how CSOs can play a positive role in helping companies develop proactive approaches to embed CSR in their ways of working.


Business for Sustainable Community Driven Development

This publication entitled “Business for Sustainable Community Driven Development” is the first issue of the BVIC Social Responsibility Series (SRS). This new series marks BVIC foray into the Business Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship.

The publication presents the CSR concept, trends, its growth and experience in the Indian context. Apart from corporates, the publication also focuses on CSR in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Social Enterprises, with case studies. The best CSR practices of prominent corporate companies in India are covered in detail under this document.

This publication disseminates fundamental knowledge and India’s experience in CSR and its best practices.

Annual Report 2015-16

Leading Strides-Impacting Lives

Silver Jubilee Souvenir (1991-2016)

A Silver Lining in the Lives of Millions