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BVIC conducts seminars, conferences and workshops on Business Responsibility for knowledge sharing, awareness and dissemination of research outcomes. In addition, we conduct joint programs in collaboration with our partners and are regularly invited as session speakers and knowledge sharing partners, at various seminars and forums.

Seminars & workshops:


With focus and priority on SMEs, BVIC has undertaken a comprehensive study on SMEs in and around Hyderabad on Business Social Responsibility (BSR) practices they follow. Based on the study findings, BVIC will release a publication by organizing a seminar jointly with CII.

The seminar titled ‘Business Social Responsibility for SMEs: The new reality for business sustainability’ scheduled on 21st November 2017 at Hyderabad.

This seminar will connect key stakeholders and deliberate on growth prospects of SMEs in the context of business relevance. The seminar will benefit SMEs and key stakeholders through knowledge sharing and providing key insights of BSR practices and their impact. Some of the key highlights of BVIC publication are:

The event is slated to host reputed institutes, industrial associations, corporates, SMEs, academia & research institutes, professionals and other key stakeholders active in this sector. The amalgam of multi facet stakeholder groups relevant to SMEs will serve as a great platform to deliberate in charting out the right path for sustainable business growth of SMEs.

The seminar is open to relevant audience and there is no fee for participation. Entry with registration only.

Pls download seminar brochure and agenda here: download link

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Past Seminars & Workshops:



BVIC organised the “P Cubed Conference” held a daylong conference with an objective of initiating discourse on the amalgamation of CSR funding with the ethos of social entrepreneurship. The conference highlighted the importance of combining the resources of CSR with the models of social entrepreneurship, which can be instrumental in bringing about sustainable change and addressing the numerous social, environmental and economic challenges. More than 160 participants from the corporate, social entrepreneurship and non-profit spaces actively participated in the conference. The chief guest Minister of IT and Panchayati Raj Mr Taraka Ramarao touched briefly on new initiatives of his department in promoting micro and rural entrepreneurship, through technological innovation. He also appreciated the achievement of Bala Vikasa in community development sector and expressed his desire to collaborate with BVIC for inclusive growth and good governance.

In his keynote address, Deputy British High Commissioner Mr Andrew McAllister expounded on the provenance and the success of social enterprises in the UK, and how these models can be replicated in an Indian context. He also spoke about the emerging role of CSR, and how the increased flow of funds could ideally be directed into socially motivated business enterprises. The event was successful in introducing BVIC into the relevant sectors and sparking discourse on a timely theme.

Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) recognizes two BV projects as best models for Indian CSR

Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs recognized two projects of Bala Vikasa as best case studies for Corporate Social responsibility (CSR). Memento and certificates are presented to BV director Mr S Shoury Reddy as recognition on 29th May 2015 at IICA campus, New Delhi. Incidentally, two out of four models selected for the honour by IICA for 2014 are of Bala Vikasa models. The selected model projects are ‘Community Water Purification’ and ‘Tank Desiltation’. The information on the selected best models is uploaded on the website of IICA to inspire the corporate sector to study and replicate such models for effective utilization of CSR funds and create sustainable impact.