Social Entrepreneurship

We work holistically for the growth of social entrepreneurship and strive to build the social business ecosystem, capacity of students and professionals, in addition to the direct contribution through incubation and acceleration programs.

Social entrepreneurship is probably one of the most effective solutions to tackle the social challenges in a sustainable way. Increasingly, social enterprises are seen as units of business committed to identifying and implementing sustainable and profitable solutions to local social problems. Today’s youth has a strong potential to solve the social problems through the application of innovative solutions and entrepreneurial traits. Social entrepreneurs can play the role of change agents by creating sustainable social enterprises that transform society for the better.

For us, Social ventures are the new era change makers and are equally committed towards social good and business ethics. Business and associated risks are integral parts of social ventures, while delivering the social impact and generating sustainable profits. While it is highly difficult to assign a universally acceptable definition for a social enterprise, we define the same as follows for all our practical purposes

“Social Enterprise is a hybrid business model with a mission of solving social problems, while also generating revenues and profits like any other enterprise. However, when it comes to choosing between profits or the social cause, the social cause is paramount for a social enterprise, while profits are considered only for sustainability.”