Training Courses

BVIC offers unique Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) trainings with Social Entrepreneurship theme. The two-day full-fledged workshop cum training program takes the participants through the rigorous process, from social enterprise idea generation, its feasibility assessment to understanding how to turn a feasible idea into a successful social venture. In addition, the program offers specific knowledge and exposure to social enterprise domain with practical perspective.

The program is designed in such a way, it can cater a variety of audience from college students, professionals, start-ups, CSR teams and researchers, with varied intensity and customization. The program adopts the activity-based learning and participatory approach and is formulated by highly experienced professionals in the domain to ensure practical skills and value addition to the participants.

The aim of this program is to foster the entrepreneurial culture, in particular, social entrepreneurship, among the students and working professionals and develop the eco-system to support thriving social enterprises all over India.

The two-day program can be customized from half a day session to two-day full-fledged program depending on the requirements of the participants. For more details, pls download the complete brochure of the workshop ‘Entrepreneurship Development Program – Social Entrepreneurship’ Click Here

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