Who We Are

We believe, functioning of businesses with a sense of responsibility towards society and environment, either as a direct social enterprise or in a responsible business form, help create sustainable solutions to the most pressing challenges faced by the world today.

BVIC, as a center for Responsible Entrepreneurship provides a platform for mutually enriching partnerships between corporates, entrepreneurs, institutions and society. Our mission is two-pronged, to harness vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and foster its growth, while promoting responsible practices among businesses. We enable this through Social Entrepreneurship and Responsible Business Programs at our center to help foster a more sustainable, inclusive and prosperous future for us all.

In a nutshell,

  •  We help build scalable and sustainable value-driven social enterprises to contribute to positive change/development in the communities
  •   We promote social enterprises to create a wider social impact
  •   We promote integrated incubation and a customized social and business environment
  •   We actively promote social innovation and collaborative partnerships in achieving larger impact
  •   We promote Responsible Business through business case approach, unlike traditional models
  •  We promote triple bottom line (social, environmental and economical) approach in businesses to drive sustainable development
  •   We help businesses in creating effective CSR strategies and meaningful programs
  •   We provide thought leadership in responsible and sustainable business concepts & practices