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BVIC believes ‘Knowledge is Power’ and all its programs and activities are woven around the concept. It engages with people of high caliber and passion with a diverse skillset across the spectrum. In delivering its holistic programs, BVIC’s experienced and committed team of professionals play a vital role.

To achieve the desired results, BVIC engages with multi-disciplinary professionals both internally and externally through various channels. It offers the following opportunities for association while considering engagement as a continuous process. If interested, you may contact the concerned BVIC team member for more information.


BVIC’s social entrepreneurship programs support entrepreneurs and innovators in establishing better footing starting from the ideation stage to realizing the fully operational and sustainable stand; one such program is SOCENT Fellowship. The success of this process requires highly dedicated mentors who can help start-ups in realizing which they desired and transform their idea into a successful social enterprise.

BVIC programs are sector agnostic spread across a diverse spectrum, such as livelihoods, education, environment, agriculture, clean energy, drinking water, women empowerment, sustainable development, rural innovations, and more. The organization invites professionals with relevant experience and expertise to join their pool of mentors, in its endeavor of building sustainable social enterprises.


BVIC recognizes the fact that ‘investors’ connect is paramount for the success and sustainability of any social enterprise.’ BVIC’s programs are designed to strengthen start-ups with high-impact potential and scalability. The team places utmost importance in connecting our social enterprises with investors, especially impact investors and socially responsible investors.

BVIC invites investors who are looking for impactful and passionate social startups to join hands to achieve the greater objective of creating sustainable social impact.

Sector Experts

BVIC’s social entrepreneurship incubation programs focus on various sectors, such as livelihoods, education, environment, agriculture, clean energy, drinking water, women empowerment, sustainable development, rural innovations, and more. This makes it essential to engage with a broader spectrum of sector experts as their contribution plays a crucial role in the success of social enterprises, which makes them irreplaceable.

BVIC has developed a pool of sector experts, who have been supporting it in the course of incubation programs. The value addition and insights offered by experts help start-ups fine-tune and revisit their business plans and innovations.

Relevant sector experts with an active interest in contributing to the development of social enterprises and exposure in this domain are invited to get in touch with BVIC.

Business Service Providers

BVIC’s social entrepreneurship incubation programs focus on various sectors, BVIC is coming up with its 20-acre campus with state-of-the-art incubation and research facility. It will offer co-working space for its incubatees, while also allowing other start-ups to leverage the space on hire basis. As a whole, the dedicated space has the potential to host up to 150 start-ups under one roof.

With a vision to make BVIC campus a one-stop solution facility, BVIC is actively looking for reputed and experienced business service providers in the generic business areas of Accounts, Taxation, Legal Support, Finance, Marketing, IT, and more. Connect with us if you are an established entity in the respective domains with an impressive track record.


BVIC undertakes a variety of innovative programs for a diverse group of stakeholders, which also creates opportunities for volunteer engagements. The programs include research, training, campaigns, workshops, seminars, exposure visits, events, facilitation, and more.

The volunteer engagement opportunity with BVIC offers a unique experience and exposure to business with social domains


BVIC offers internship opportunities to young and enthusiastic students and graduates, who have the passion to learn and contribute. This program provides them with exposure to a sophisticated work environment and a chance to explore and improve their functional skills. The selected interns at BVIC are assigned specific tasks, provided with the necessary training to learn and deliver the expected results.

Interns will get a chance to work with a highly experienced team of professionals. Stay connected to our website to get more information on specific internship opportunities.

To connect and explore new avenues of sustainable development, social entrepreneurship, and BSR, contact rahul@balavikasa.org or kumar@balavikasa.org


Startup Pitch Deck

Startup Pitch Deck

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