Empowerment through Innovation

Creating a robust responsible entrepreneurship ecosystem for better tomorrow


Bala Vikasa International Center (BVIC) was established in the year 2014 as an extended arm of Bala Vikasa Social Service Society with the mission to facilitate development of responsible entrepreneurship in Indian society by;

1) incubating early‐stage, innovative startups trying to solve a social issue or creating a positive social impact
2) working with corporates on developing innovative and growth oriented Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agendas and programs
3) training the interested stakeholders in the areas of responsible entrepreneurship

BVIC was envisioned to bridge the gap between conventional forms of philanthropic work and financially sustainable development approaches and practices. In other words, BVIC aims to combine the seemingly opposite agendas of social good and profitablity through innovative program designs and business models. Therefore, BVIC is uniquely positioned to offer precise insights and hand holding support to all stakeholders in impact space.BVIC’s corporate engagement aids large scale enterprises and corporates in utilizing their CSRs funds more strategically, and in complete harmony with organsiation’s direct or indirect stakeholders. It assists organizations in designing and implementing more effective and efficient CSR programs aimed at long term sustainable development.

BVIC’s incubation program offers a wide network of stakeholders to its incubatees at all levels. Leveraging Bala Vikasa’s robust reach in grassroots, BVIC provides its incubatees with an ecosystem that supports them in building impactful and scalable businesses. The network spread across 6,000+ villages in six Indian states can be leveraged by incubates to reach out to prospective customers, suppliers, business partners or can be simply utilised for conducting pilot studies. The wide network of development professionals, both in-house and external, provides a great support system in the form of mentors and trainers. And that is why since its inception, BVIC has incubated and supported many social entrepreneurs and social innovations; incubated 30 passionate startups and 125 women rural micro entrepreneurs leveraging its on-the-ground experience. And, inspired many more through workshops and seminars to take up social entrepreneurship.


Role of Product Iteration and Market Validation

Role of Product Iteration and Market Validation

Title: Knowledge Sharing Session on Role of Product Iteration and Market Validation in Social Enterprises  Date & Time: 25 Jan,...
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BVIC’s New State-Of-The-Art Facility Inaugurated at Hyderabad

BVIC’s New State-Of-The-Art Facility Inaugurated at Hyderabad

Bala Vikasa International Center (BVIC) inaugurated its new state-of-the-art facility to promote Social Entrepreneurship and Responsible Business for Sustainable Development.  Located in a 20...
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