Social Entrepreneurship

Nurturing Social Innovation

Empowering social startups to create a greater impact and scale faster by accelerating innovation to address community needs.

The social entrepreneurship model is a fusion of passion and compassion; the objectives are social development or impact and tools are entrepreneurial principles, processes, and operations. The primary focus of social entrepreneurs is always on the impact they create in the society through their innovations and business models. The revenue model is in place for long-term sustainability.

BVIC incubates social entrepreneurs and enterprises whose primary objective is to serve the society by addressing a particular issue or solving a problem affecting sections of society. Such an intervention helps start-ups in finding more sustainable hold on the market by generating revenues while continuing creating a positive impact on communities’ growth. BVIC helps in developing overall capacities of the enterprises and entrepreneurs by imparting training and knowledge required to run a successful social startup.


BVIC’s New State-Of-The-Art Facility Inaugurated at Hyderabad

BVIC’s New State-Of-The-Art Facility Inaugurated at Hyderabad

Bala Vikasa International Center (BVIC) inaugurated its new state-of-the-art facility to promote Social Entrepreneurship and Responsible Business for Sustainable Development.  Located in a 20...
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